Association of Golf Fitness Professionals

    Education.. Communication… Collaboration. We offer tools, opportunities and support. Real support. The kind where you talk to someone when you need help. We aren’t just about golf, Pilates or fitness. We condition athletes and embrace multiple disciplines.

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    Association of Golf Fitness Professionals

    We're a community of professionals that support and learn from one another and have a great time together. We're an organization that believes in YOU. Everything you can do and become is found and enhanced here at MyAGFP.

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Everything you can do and become!

A community of professionals that support, learn and inspire one another.

Essential Downloads

Fitness and Core

Fitness and Health Downloads with your own branding.

Pro Brochures

Glossy brochures with your contact info and company logo.


Add your own logo to Holiday and Other Gift Certificates.

Custom Surveys

Questionairres display and surveys that help assess client needs.

Print Materials

Discounts on an assortment of Print Materials.


Professional Association Logo and approved graphics.

Tidbits and Tasties

  • Golf Humor
  • Marketing Tip
  • From the Tee

What did one Golfer say to... Golf humor is a great way to take a break from a busy day. We're working on an ever growing bank of humorous articles, comics and jokes.

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Using Facebook could be your most important move this year. While all marketing matters, only Facebook gives you access to the all important friends of friends.

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A lot of students say they'd like to hit the ball more solidly, which will also translate to a little more distance. 80% of golfers’ swing problems...

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Making Friends and Faces


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